Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Best Gift Ideas For The Baby’s First Birthday

As year 1 of a precious new child’s life comes to a close, it’s time to ring in a new exciting year with a gift for his or her first birthday! Relatives and friends will come through with adorable clothes and toys, but if you’re looking for something with a more personal touch, there are many other options out there to truly make this baby’s first birthday memorable, even if just for the parents!

et the video camera charged. You won't want to miss a minute of this celebration. Learn how to schedule the party so Baby will be bright-eyed for guests, check out these great gift ideas, plus cake ideas your baby will love to smear all over his face. Happy first birthday, Baby!                                                       
A child's first birthday always feels like it belongs a little more to the parents than to the child. After all, you've just survived some of the hardest trials of parenthood! Although your baby won't understand why everyone is making such a fuss, there's still a whole lot to celebrate.

The following list of toys has been identified by our customers as the best gift ideas for a 1st Birthday. Rather than relying upon manufacturer supplied age recommendations, we actually use customer feedback and buying patterns to determine which of our toys and games will make the very best first birthday party gift.

One of the most frequent questions I see posted in mom’s groups on Facebook, asked at the park and a general topic of conversation is what to get a one-year old for their birthday. Is there some universal gift that all one-year olds will like?The answer is no.Birthday Party Unless we are talking about a water bottle, empty Starbucks cup or box. Because let’s face it, all babies like those items.

Mozart Magic Cube
Mozart composition in one fascinating toy. Little ones control the play of every one. Add/subtract realistic sounding harp, French horn, piano, flute, violin sounds to the symphony with the touch of buttons on the sides of cube. Enhance musical interest, engage active exploration, develop cognitive abilities.

Mortimer the Moose
This new Lamaze Play and Grow Moose comes complete with multiple textures and sounds to keep baby entertained, and teether antlers. The moose comes complete with a Lamaze link, making it easy to take with!

An innovative new play dynamic with endless possibilities. Stack and topple a Tobbles tower. Spin and balance the vibrant spheres. Wobble, tilt and wiggle the colorful pieces. Tobbles accelerate your aptitude for fun!

Colorful loops made from soft, pliable plastic are easy to grasp and hold plus caregivers can refrigerate for a soothing teether.

Baby Whoozit
Baby Whoozit is small enough to tuck easily into a purse or coat pocket.

Follow Me Fred
An adorable self-rolling puppy that engages baby and encourages crawling.

Sensory Ball Mega Pack Set of 4
4 colorful sensory balls in 2 great sizes! Enhance sensory stimulation, gross motor skills, socialization, and visual & perceptual skills! This set of 4 Sensory balls includes 2- 7 inch balls and 2- 4 inch balls.

Sleep Sheep
Your child will enjoy a good nights' sleep with the help of these adorable sound machines that project soothing "white noise".

Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy
Chomp-chomping gators, spin-able bugs, circling fish makes this child's first walker fabulous!

Pacimals® is an innovative new pacifier that combines a medical-grade silicone pacifier with a soft light stuffed toy!

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