Monday, 24 June 2013

The American Girl Doll Beauty Salon

Girls can bring in their dolls to have their hair styled by one of the American Girl Salon's doll stylists. You can stay and learn some doll hair style tips, or drop the doll off for a new do and pick her up later. For a little extra, you can get your doll a facial scrub or have her ears pierced.                                              
Add this special treat to any Doll Hair Salon visit for just $12. Our stylists will give her doll a thorough facial scrub to get her clean. And to keep her feeling relaxed, we'll send her home with a pampering set featuring cucumber stickers for her eyes, nail decals, flip-flops, a salon cape, and a faux face mask. Plus, girls get a "Doll Skin Care" sheet for home care

Learn how to keep your American Girl doll looking her best after many years of play! Find helpful hints for maintaining and styling her hair—whether it's curly, straight, or wavy. Plus, get advice on cleaning her skin, tips on removing stains and tangles, and troubleshooting problems at home.

For that extra bit of care every doll needs, add the Pampering Plus package for only $5 to your Doll Hair Salon visit. Our stylists give each doll a thorough facial scrub to wipe her clean and send her off with a set of nail decals to take home. Plus, girls get a "Doll Skin Care" sheet for home care.

This story is just heartbreaking. We feel really, really bad for this little girl. Etta saved all her money and purchased a pretty doll from Target named Gracie. Best Baby Toys When she was invited by her friend to bring her doll to American Girl Place for a “doll hairstyle” she was thrilled…until the stylist chided her for not having a “real” doll and refused her business.

This isn’t a real doll!” the stylist exclaimed. (Thank your stylist!–we never would have had the heart to explain it that way!). And to prove that a fake doll isn’t worth the plastic she’s molded out of, she refused to do the doll’s hair.

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