Saturday, 15 June 2013

One Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

The first anniversary is really special one for the couples. With a lot of confusion and excitement in your mind about celebrating this day, finding ideas and making surprise plans, you just can't think of a gift or should I say, 'gifts' for your boyfriend, right? Well, when you have spent a year together you won't wish to simply pack a piece and present it. Bouquets, wrist watches, shirts and cuff-links are too boring. 'Something special' is what you would be searching for. So, it is time to think different and be creative to have a right package ready to present him.
Pack the Memories                     
A photo dairy is one of the ultimate one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend. Framing a photograph of you guys is not the best photo gift that can be presented to him. Get a blank dairy and collection of your photographs that are the best memories of your togetherness. Paste one on each page followed by a sweet quote or a few words that will make this one a perfect one year anniversary gift for him

Write For Him
Well, I am not suggesting you to write a whole book! All you need to do is pen down your feeling for him and present the same in a unique way. Wondering, how? You can simply write these in a small book; one page, one reason 'why you love him'. Or, how about a jar filled with such notes? Another idea is to place such notes all over his room. From his pillow till the closet, from his bag till his pockets. Well, no need to mention that this needs to be done very smartly

Cook For Him
If you are thinking of various options in homemade anniversary gifts, then cooking his favorite dish is the best idea. Well, I am sure that by now, you know his likes and dislikes. Then get set to prepare the food items he loves to eat. gift ideas for boyfriends Well a fantastic homemade cake and a tasty dinner and box of food that he loves munching on prepared by you is all that he'll love to have on this special day.

A Personal Kit
Here's one of the best anniversary gift ideas for boyfriend. Pack in all those daily use items that he needs. Remember to add the right pieces. Like his favorite shaving gel, cologne, shower gel, perfume and much more. All those grooming tools and items can be packed creatively to make the best gift for him.

Paint a Gift
If you are searching for a creative anniversary gift, then here's one. How about painting his portrait? Use oil colors, pencil, charcoal or whatever you like, I am sure, he is just going to love this gift. Well, those who are not that good at this can think of painting a tee for him. Get one in his size and fill it with your artistic strokes to have a classic piece ready. You can also have a hand painted pillow cover ready to gift him.

Apart from these gifts, you can give him something that helps him explore his hobbies. A latest gadget is a perfect pick for all those gadget savvy guys. An adventure trip can be another great anniversary gift. When you choose the gift, just remember his likes and favorites.This will definitely help you have the ideal piece packaged for him.

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