Thursday, 22 December 2011

Pet Health Hazards And Health Care

For most pet owners, pets hold a distinctive place in the household. They're considerably more than merely animals coping with the family; they are actual members the family. Where their well-being is concerned, you should be very alert to what elements around or in the home either are or could become threats for them. 

When it comes to your pets’safety, you need to please remember pets have simply no notion of danger and care really should be taken so as to prevent a pleasurable moment from as a nightmare. Though potential dangers may be many, here are some of the extremely common. 

Pet health care tip. The holidays are here, and festive Christmas tinsel, ribbons and strings of lighting is up, or rising, in homes across the city. What do these items have in common?


A top professor of pets medicine is warning dog and cat owners about the chance of smoking around their pets. Clare Knottenbelt, through the University of Glasgow's Small Animal Hospital, said there was mounting evidence of the effect of second-hand smoke on pets.

Professor Knottenbelt said studies had shown increased chance of lymphoma and oral cancer in cats in addition to lung, nasal and sinus cancer in dogs. "Currently I am writing a research paper looking at levels of nicotine in the fur of dogs which indicates they are as subjected to the same levels of nicotine as children inherited.

“To your dogs and cats, this stuff are toys, and your pets don’t know that they are dangerous,” said Dr. Al Paredes, veterinarian at Day and Evening Pet Clinic in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Ingesting tinsel and ribbon could cause choking, and a string of lights which is plugged in can cause electrocution if your pet chews on them, and is a pets health hazard as well with small plastic holders and light bulbs on the wires.

Likewise, ornaments of glass, metal, plastic, or paper with glitter or paint can be toxic, even deadly, if chewed and swallowed, and choking can take place on small sharp edged pieces.

Don’t tie ribbons around cat or dog treats and leave them underneath the tree. They will be found easily through your pet, and the ribbon and packaging might cause choking. Also, don’t hang Christmas stockings within reach of your pets. The items inside those stockings, like chocolate or candies containing Xylitol artificial sweeteners can be toxic for your pets, and the small gifts within the stocking can be a choking or poison hazard to both monkeys and horses.

Take precautions to observe your pet when they are around places that decorations and gifts tied with ribbon can easily be reached. We want your holiday, as well as your pet’s holiday to be joyous and happy. Have them in an area where they won't get to the decorations and gifts when you find yourself away from home or not in a position to watch out for them if you are busy.

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