Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Clean and Healthy Home Tips

Clean house mirror healthy family. I believe we all agree with the title above which a clean house is a mirror of the healthy family. With a clean house reflected a Healthy Home atmosphere, the intention would be to clean the house that people can reduce the risk factors for the occurrence of disease that originates from inside. Examples of ease, haven't you heard you will find people who eat food poisoning from his or her own house?

Here are some simple tips to make a Beautiful and Healthy Home (quoted in the Health):


Clean and Healthy Home

Kitchen,If you would like Healthy Home then ,washing dishes is a good idea that is in the sink over time, do not wash the dishes piling up because it will only burden the burden of one's dishes and also allow bacteria to develop from the remnants of food over a plate.

Provide bins for dry and wet materials, provide adequate ventilation with the cooking, and apply a neat lifestyle after every cook to place everything in place there's a more pleasant again.There's nothing more fun not to see the kitchen which always clean? clean?

Modern Bathroom, Do not leave the bathroom in a condition of moist because it will leave the mushrooms, give little room for sunlight. Brush clean the bathroom floor and tub are routinely used for water which was always in a state bersih.Put ornamental plants in the bathroom can also increase the risk for atmosphere more beautiful and fresh. Don’t forget to set perfume and anti-bacterial camphor in the bathroom. We recommend that you select also the bathroom floor just like a brightly colored green, blue or pink.

Room, Mattresses are dangerous places, the bacteria can reproduce rapidly there. For that, change sheets and wash them normally as possible and choose the bedding material that absorbs sweat or any other materials that are not easily hairy. Season the mattress also can kill bacteria, and so the occasional basking in the sun mattresses. Ensure the room always neat and clean because that’s where we spent quite a long time to sleep. So if the rooms are dirty, you will end up easily attacked by diseases.

Family area, Put a small bamboo tree in the middle of the room to create a healthy room, cool and beautiful. Bamboo can be a tool filters formaldehyde (a chemical which is widely available in furniture, wooden furniture) and benzene (found in the ink, plastic or rubber material) that are harmful to your health as well as your family. Add also the beauty with the living room by placing lilies this serves to eliminate the trichlorethylene, a chemical seen in many paintings and paint are dangerous if inhaled lots of breathing.

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