Friday, 2 August 2013

Reusable Gift Bags For Christmas, Birthdays, And Every Occasion

ReWrapables are fabric gift wrap. ReWrapables come in various styles from flat sheets of fabric to gift bags with optional ribbon already attached. They are a great way to wrap any present. Best of all, they can be re-used/recycled over and over.

Tossing $5 billion worth of gift wrap in the trash each year is a poor way of celebrating anything. Instead choose to "precycle" by giving your gifts in beautiful Wrapsacks reusable cloth reusable gift bags - a double gift to your friend, and a double blessing to the earth as well by saving trees from being made into gift paper, and landfills from receiving all the trash.

We have over one thousand eye-catching designs for birthdays of all ages, baby showers, weddings, bridal showers, events, and all major holidays. easter gifts basket All bags come in a wonderful assortment of complementary styles. The quality of our bags are just as impressive as the designs. Strong reinforced bottoms, thick and heavy handles, and premium grade paper make it easy to compare and choose

According to the Clean Air Council, an additional 5 million tons of waste is generated in the U.S. during the holiday season and a substantial portion of that is wrapping paper and shopping bags. Wrapping paper generally can’t be recycled because it is dyed or laminated, contains non-paper additives, or is too thin to have good-quality fibers.

Wrapping gifts the traditional way is time consuming and often difficult for odd-shaped packages. Did you ever try to wrap a stuffed animal, a tennis racket, or a toy piano? Plus all those toys in clamshell packaging are just asking for a wrapping paper disaster.

Reusable paper gift bags have been a common trend in recent years for simple gift-wrapping, but they are flimsy and prone to falling apart after one or two uses. Plus they are generally made with non-sustainable and non-recyclable materials. A VZWraps fabric gift bag is a sustainable choice that will last forever.

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