Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cheap Frugal Gift Ideas For Grandparents

Gift ideas for grandparents can be a real stumper. What do you give someone who already seems to have one of everything? Fortunately, we have several great ideas-and they're all wallet-friendly.

Food gifts
Help the grandparents on your list to cut down on kitchen time by preparing several ready-to-serve meals. Just make up some of your favorite casseroles or other freezable dishes, and deliver them with heating and serving instructions. To make the meal completely fuss-free,

Charity gifts                            

Convinced that they really do have everything that they need? Donating to one of their favorite charities is always a nice gesture. frugal gift ideas Pick a charity that they're actively involved with, or ask them to choose a charity if the choice isn't obvious. A simple card is all it takes to announce this clutter-free and meaningful gift.

Travel gifts
Do you have grandparents that like to travel. If so, there are lots of great gifts you could give. Pick up a copy of the latest US Atlas, give a travel guide on a destination that they intend to travel to or fill a box with film or disposable cameras that they can take on their next adventure.

Gifts of time
Most grandparents probably wish they got to spend more time with their families. Make this wish come true by taking them out to dinner, a movie, concert or some other event. personalized gift ideas They'll enjoy time out on the town, and you'll all enjoy spending extra time together.

Car gifts
Save the grandparents on your list from the hassle of car maintenance by giving them the gift of a free oil change, wash and wax or any other required maintenance (tire rotation, AC charge, etc.). This can be a one-time gift or one that you fulfill throughout the year. Either way, you'll be removing a chore from their to-do list.

The key to a good grandparent gift is creativity. Look past all of the knick-knacks and collectibles and find something that's likely to collect memories instead of dust.

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